You May Be a Lindy Hopper If...

  • You think that the next number after eight is one.

  • You told that beautiful young lady "No, wait, I'm dancing that night."

  • You only go home to sleep, do laundry and to repack your dance bag.

  • You spend every long weekend at Lindy camps, workshops or competitions.

  • You frequently show up at work with a limp and/or bruises.

  • You no longer buy clothes you can't dance in.

  • You take the mirrors off your ceiling and put them on the walls.

  • You drink eight glasses of water a night, and only need to use the restroom for hand washing.

  • You suffer some other major bodily harm and still want to dance.

  • The local bands know which songs to save for your arrival.

  • Visiting bands know which songs to save for your arrival.

  • You bring your own CD's when you go to a social event "just in case."

  • You go to a wedding or company Christmas party and everyone stops dancing to watch you.

  • An 11 (look wise) on a scale of one to ten asks you to dance and you turn them down because they have no rhythm.

  • Like every other student, you stagger home after a night out - yet you've had nothing to drink.

  • You order drinks just to keep the club in business, but leave them sitting on the table while you dance instead of drinking them.

  • You know what "real men let go on five " means.

  • Your heart beats to this rhythm : Thump, thump, thump-de-dump, thump, thump, thump-de-dump.

  • You carry luggage to social events but aren't planning a trip.

  • You eat your main meal of the day at one in the morning.

  • Your newest line is "Hey, are those Bleyers?" and you really do want to talk about shoes.

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