Just The Swing is an online resource for swing dancing, music, and the culture associated with it.

The articles on this website were originally a collection of supplemental articles on previous websites (Swing Bar at Koots, originally, then Swing Dance Alaska and With A Swing). In 2004, just the swing articles were moved off of these previous websites so that they could have their own independant website (hence, the website's name).

Authors to Slang and Humor Articles

Swing Slang by Cabell Calloway (1939 revised version)

The original versions of the following articles were found as shared emails from 1998. The author(s) of the original versions of the articles are currently unknown:
You May Be a Swing Dancer If... | You May Be a Lindy Hopper If...
Lindy is Like a Drug, Because... | Danceaholic Test
What Women/Men Want

Did You Know... is a collection of snippets written from 2001 to 2003 by Yelland as monthly facts that would be displayed on the hosting website's home page.

Main Articles' Author and History

All other articles were written by Yelland in 1999, except The Zoot Suit Riots written by Yelland in 2001.

Some articles have been updated, expanded, or reorganized since 1999, particularly due to changes in where the articles were hosted over the years.

1999 - 2000
The Swing Bar at Koots website (all that remains of this website is as a page on the Swing Dance Alaska website
2001 - 2004
both Swing Dance Alaska (swingak.com before 2003, swingak.net after), and With A Swing
2004 - now
Just the Swing website, intended for hosting the articles on their own.

If you mention or quote a part of an article, please include a link back to the article on this website.

Website author

Anchorage, Alaska

The website has been very slowly transfering to a new layout for a few years. Thus some parts (such as histories, biographies, and fashion) are in the new layout, while others are in the old layout. Apologies for the inconsistencies.


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