• Recent swing music releases :
    • Count Basie : This & That (03/21/06)
    • Chick Webb : Stomping at the Savoy [Box Set] (01/17/06)
    • Gene Krupa : Starburst (01/17/06)
    • Brian Setzer : Dig That Crazy Christmas (12/06/05)
Did You Know...
The title of the Glen Miller tune "Pennsylvania 6-5000" was the phone number of the Hotel Pennsylvania on 7th Avenue in New York City. At the time, if you wished to call the Hotel Pennsylvania, you would ask the operator to connect you to "Pennsylvania 6-5000." However, if you had a phone that you could dial a number on, you would dial "736-5000" since 73 was the equivalent of the exchange name "PEnnsylvania."
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Lindy Hop
Smooth Lindy or Hollywood
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